Quarter of a century..

In 8 days I will turn 25. I had imagined by now I would be in a good job which I loved, engaged and travelling the world. In reality, I am in a job which I never imagined I would be doing, I have been single for as long as I can remember and I have only been to 4 countries in 24 years. Not quite the fairytale beginning let alone the fairytale ending.

In addition to all of this I am a worrier. I mean a complete stresshead. I worry about my health, my weight, my social awkwardness, my lack of sexy time, the fact that I call sex “sexy time” and the rapidly approaching dirty thirty.

This blog will follow my day to day life as I battle to overcome the strong emotions that all these things cause, including all the “FML did I really just do/say that” moments that occur on an all too regular occasion.

Until next time ..x



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